General Information

Our Centre has been established on 14.04.2014, and has been carrying out its activities and agreed role to support our foreign students and the center is Gazi’s open window to the world.


The objective of the Centre is to provide educational support in any requested field from abroad including academic programmes in which Gazi University is supposed to provide training, to conduct research, to organize educational programmes, and to contribute to the development of cooperation of the University with public and private sectors, NGOs, and international institutions.


Fields of activity of our Centre:

  1. Planning occupational training and internship, foreign language education, Turkish language education, any type of certificate programmes, diploma and post-diploma programmes, undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes for public, private sectors, NGOs, and international institutions and persons in requested areas at home and abroad,

  2. Preparing teaching materials associated with educational programmes to be organized,

  3. Organizing international courses, seminars and conferences,

  4. Providing exam services related to the acceptance of students from abroad to the University,

  5. Providing international projects and consultancy services,

  6. Preparing international protocols and agreements,

  7. Enabling all required organizations during the formation of programmes to be held,

  8. Providing consultancy for all incoming and outgoing students for educational purposes,

  9. Managing all the processes included in the educational mobility such as application to school, registration, visa, travel, and accommodation on behalf of applicants,

  10. Engaging in organizing lectures, courses, conferences and similar activities within the associate, undergraduate, undergraduate completion, and graduate programmes of distance education based on information and communication technologies,

  11. Developing programmes and software associated with distance education by utilizing communication tools such as internet, other data communication networks, radio, television, phone, mail, printing, audio, vision, video, computer and other tools provided by technology.