Pakistani Students Visit Our University
13 Haziran 2017 12:31

A group of promising Pakistani high school students (from Karachi) accompanied with their teachers and officials from Pakistani Embassy paid a visit to our University on 30.05.2017. The Head of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies in English, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aslı Özlem TARAKCIOĞLU, and the research assistants of the department have welcomed the group in the senate room of the historical Rectorate building. Upon the opening speech by Professor TARAKCIOĞLU, the students were informed about the establishment and the ever-growing development of Gazi University. Each faculty and departments under those faculties were introduced to students.


Students were taken on a campus tour under the guidance of our department, introducing them the well-equipped faculty buildings and sports facilities located in the main campus as well as green environment surrounding it. The first and largest Chinese Library in Turkey, initiated by the efforts of our Department with the Chinese government, at the top floor of the Gazi University Central Library was welcomed with enthusiasm by the Pakistani students. They appreciated the high standard of education given at the undergraduate and graduate level at Gazi University, as it also ranks as one of the best five universities in Turkey. Additionally, the group consisted of bright students considering their high goals of further scientific studies. In this regard, they reflected their opinions on Gazi University by considering such a long-established, qualified and centric university as one of their primary choices for their undergraduate studies. The group concluded the visit by stating their appreciation for the quite welcoming approach of the University.