May 25, 2014 Sunday

Official Gazette

Number: 29010



From Gazi University





Objective, Scope, Basis and Definitions


ARTICLE 1 - (1) The objective of this Regulation is to  set out the principles and  procedures regarding the aims, activities, management bodies, duties of the governing bodies and working style of the Research Center for International Studies.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation covers the provisions related to the aims, activities, administrative bodies, duties of the governing bodies and working style of the Gazi University Reseach Center for International Studies.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation has been prepared under the subclause 2 of the clause (d) of the first paragraph of  article 7 and article 14 of the Higher Education Law no 2547, dated 4/11/1981.


ARTICLE 4 - (1) For the purposes of this Regulation, the following terms shall bear the following meanings:

A) Center (YUDAM): Gazi University Reseach Center for International Studies,

B) Director: Head of the Center,

C) Rector: Rector of Gazi University,

Ç) University: Gazi University,

D) Board of Directors: Board of Directors of the Center.


The Objectives and Activities of the Center

The objectives of the center

ARTICLE 5 - (1) The aim of the Center is to  provide educational support and develop training programs in all fields needed by the university, both within and outside the academic programs and research programs; and contribute to the development of collobration of the university with the government agencies, private sectors, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.


Areas of activity of the Center

ARTICLE 6 - (1) The Center shall carry out the following activities in order to realize its purpose:

a) To plan all kinds of certificate programs, diplomas and post-diploma programs for vocational training,  foreign language education, Turkish language education for public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, international institutions and individuals.

b) To prepare teaching materials in relation to the educational programs to be organized,

c) To organize international courses, seminars and conferences,

ç) To perform examination services related to student acceptance from abroad to the university,

d) To provide project and consultancy services at international level,

e) To prepare international protocols and contracts,

f) To carry out all the necessary organizations for the programs to be organized,

g) To provide counseling services to students who want to go abroad from our country or who come to Turkey from abroad for educational purposes.

ğ) To manage all activities such as school application, registration, visa, travel and accommodation on behalf of students,

h) To carry out associate degree, undergraduate, graduate completion and graduate programs, and courses, seminars, conferences and similar activities in the form of distance education based on information communication technologies,

ı ) To develop distance education programs and related software by using communication tools and communication networks such as internet, video call, radio, television, telephone and mail.


The Administrative Bodies of the Center and Tasks

The Administrative  Bodies of  the Center 

ARTICLE 7- The administrative  bodies of  the Center are:

a) Director

b) Board of Directors


ARTICLE 8-  1)Director who has to be the member  of  the  faculty is assigned  by  the  Rector  for  three years. Director  whose  term of  office  ends  can  be reassigned again.

2) Director assigns two  faculty members  as  Assistant  Managers  to help  himself  in relation  to the study  area  of  the  Center. One  of  the  assistant  managers  acts  as  the  Proxy  if  the  supervisor  temporarily  leaves  his  position. If  the  mandate  lasts  six  months, the  new  director  will be appointed.When  the  director’s  task  comes  to an  end, assistant  managers’  jobs  have  to  end, too.

Director’s  Duties

ARTICLE  9-  Director’s  duties  are;

a) To  implement  the  decisions  made  by  the  board  of  directors  and  the  work  schedule.

b) To  manage  the  units  under  management  in  line  with  the  objectives  of  the  Center.

c) To  provide  coordination  with  the  center-related   programs  and  activities  in  faculties, institutes, colleges, vocational  colleges  and  other  research  and  application  centers  and  in  departments  linked   to the  Rectorate.

ç) To  take  necessary   measures  to  ensure  that  the   education   programs  in  Turkey  and  abroad  are  carried  out  successfully  and  apropriately. To  perform  the  necessary  operations.

d) To  prepare   national  and   international  interviews  and  prepare  projects  regarding   the organization  of  vocational  training, foreign  language  education,Turkish  language  education, all  certificate   programs, diploma and  post-diploma  programs, undergraduate, postgraduate and  doctoral  education  programs  and  to  make  project  proposals.


The Board  of  Directors

ARTICLE 10- (1)Board  of  Directors  consists  of  a  total  of  seven  members  consisting  of  four  faculty  members  assigned  by  the  director  and  the  assistant   principal  and  the  Rector. The  term  of  office  of  board  members  is  three  years. The  new  member  is  assigned with the  same  procedure  to  complete  the  remaining  time  of  the  member  who  left  without  finishing.

(2) The  director  is  the  chairman  of  the  board  of  directors. The  board  of  directors  shall  convene  at  least  twice  a  year  on  an  invitation  by  the  chairman  in  absolute  majority  as  ordinary  or  extraodinary, and  decisions  shall be  taken  by  majority   vote. The  membership  of  a  member  who  does  not  attend  the  board  meeting  twice  without  permission  and  without  reason  is  finalized. The  member  who  is  assigned  instead  of  the  member  who  ends  his/her  term  of  office completes  his  membership  time.

Duties  of  the  Board  of  Directors

ARTICLE 11- (1) The  duties  of the  board  of  directors  are;

a) To  create   general  strategies   and  policies  of  the  center, to  evaluate  the  activities  related to  the  various  programs  to  be  organized.

b) To  prepare  and  implement  plans  and  programs  related  to  the  Center’s  activities.

c) To  make  decisions   about  the  Center’s  activities.


Various  and  Final  Provisions

Need  for  Staff

ARTICLE  12- (1)The  academic, technical and  administrative   staff  needs  of  the  Center  are  covered  by  the personel   to  be  appointed  by  the  Rector  on the  proposal  of  the  director  according  to  the  article 13  of  the Higher Education Law no 2547.


ARTICLE 13- (1)This  regulation   enters  into  force  on the  date  of  publication.


ARTICLE 14- (1)The  provisions  of  this  regulation  are  executed  by  the  Rector  of  Gazi  University.